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About 212 Photo Booth Rental Inna and Elliot

About 212 PHOTO BOOTH Rental

212 PHOTO BOOTH is much more than your average photo booth rental company, we’re the photo booth rental department of A2Z PARTY. Learn more about 212 PHOTO BOOTH rental. We have (3) three locations in Brooklyn, New York. The Founders and owners-operators of A2Z PARTY are Inna and Elliot Erlikh.

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25 Years in Business


About 212 PHOTO BOOTH Rental

Elliot and Inna began the small family business in the early eighties providing costumed performances for children at birthday parties, kids events, and party services at Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs.

After 25 years in business, they’ve developed extensive and enduring relationships and an exclusive professional network of both former staff and diverse and talented entertainers, featuring performers including DJs, Magicians (Mentalists and Illusionists), dancers, clowns, and costumed characters. Many of these entertainers are now highly recognized for both their talents and good works for charity.

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Before everyone had a hi-res camera in their pocket in form of a smartphone very few people had the professional equipment or experience for quality photography. Wedding Photographers and Photo Studios were the only options for most people. The innovative concept of the photo booth came from combining the benefits of the stationary photo studio and printer with the mobility of the wedding photographer.

Before the first commercial photo booth products were even available, Elliot and Inna were already forging the photo booth industry by setting-up photo installations at private events with a camera and flash connected to a computer, editing images in Adobe PhotoShop to fit the pre-made event layout, and printing on the spot.

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We would like you to consider what we believe are some of the most important factors you should think about when considering working with 212 PHOTO BOOTH. Expertise we have acquired over 1000's of successful events. Authority we have established through both consistency and innovation. Trust we have established and continue to build and nurture daily.


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212 PHOTO BOOTH has become not only a leader in the photo booth entertainment industry but, also a photo booth marketing innovator. We combine simple and smart cost-effective lead generation and marketing tools with powerful software and effective strategies. With our knowledge and experience and disruptive technologies, we help you manage, measure and monetize your event investment through the ubiquitously popular photo booth.


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