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custom photo booth background

Custom Photo Booth Backgrounds

A Branded Custom Photo Booth Background can help promote a company’s brand and increase its visibility at events and tradeshows. Branding a photo booth activation at an event can provide several benefits, including increased brand awareness, professional appearance, a unique experience, data collection, and versatility.

Overall, branding a photo booth activation with custom wrapping can be a #fearless and valuable marketing strategy for companies looking to increase brand awareness and engage with attendees at events.

Stand Out from the Crowd with A Custom Photo Booth Background

Increased Brand Awareness

A branded custom photo booth background will help promote a company’s brand and increase its visibility at an event.

Professional Appearance

custom photo booth background can give a photo booth a professional and polished look, which can help attract more people to use it.

Unique Experience

custom photo booth background can provide a unique experience for attendees, making the event more memorable.

Data Collection

Combining a custom photo booth background and a branded photo booths can facilitate the easy collection of data on attendees, such as email addresses or social media handles, which can be used for future marketing efforts.


Custom photo booth background can be designed to fit any event theme or style, making them a versatile marketing tool.

Custom Photo Booth Background "Balloons" for Open Photo Booth Activations

Custom Photo Booth Background for Amazing Themed Activations

Our talented graphic design team is experienced at designing fantastic eye-catching theme-specific activations featuring a Custom Photo Booth Background. We’re also creative and have the ability to create theme-specific, unique and complex visual photo booth activations that you would never expect.

custom photo booth background

what are some creative ways to incorporate branding into a photo booth experience

Here are some creative ways to incorporate branding into a photo booth experience:

Customized physical appearance: Branding the physical appearance of the photo booth, such as the exterior, backdrop, and props, can help promote a company’s brand and increase its visibility at an event

Branded touchscreen interface: Customizing the touchscreen interface with a company’s logo or colors can create a cohesive brand experience for guests

Customized photos: Adding a company’s logo or branding to the photos taken in the photo booth can help promote the brand and create a lasting impression on guests

Themed photo booth: Creating a photo booth that fits the theme of the event can make it more engaging and memorable for guests

Interactive marketing: Using the photo booth as an interactive marketing tool by collecting data on attendees, running contests, or surveying guests can help companies gather valuable information for future marketing efforts

Projection and effects: Incorporating projection, filters, colored gels, and other effects into the photo booth experience can create a unique and memorable experience for guests

Branded Custom Photo Booth Wrap: Wrapping the photo booth in special skins that feature a company’s branding or messaging can enhance the guest experience and promote the brand

Overall, incorporating branding into a photo booth experience can create a more engaging and memorable experience for guests while also promoting a company’s brand and increasing its visibility at an event.

custom photo booth background

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