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Case Study Photo Booth Rental Corporate Event Diwali 2018

212 photo botth case study diwali NYC 201818


212 PHOTO BOOTH is a modern photo booth rental company that that offers photo entertainment and more. With over 25-years of  experience and insight, our modern photo booths become highly-popular cost-effective marketing and media sharing machines.  Premium photo booth rental options, and, many unique and elite specialty photo booths available for events and installations.

Case Study Photo Booth Rental Corporate Event Diwali 2018 is fun.

The Main Take-Away from this Case Study Photo Booth Rental Corporate Event, Diwali 2018 is fun. 

The Festival of Lights was a surefire hit for many people all over the world, especially with 212 Photo Booth rentals providing quality in entertainment and memorabilia.

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The event was sponsored by these Corporate contributors and they are credited for providing one spectacular holiday celebration. Thank you to all contributors for making this occasion one to remember.

This sharable photo gallery has 68 images represented here! 

You're about to have the most memorable event of your life